An unlikely bond between a dog and a beaver developed to the extent that they were inseparable in life. The beaver died and video of the dog mourning his death went viral. It seems that some lower life forms are not without the capacity to love.

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John, you say, "some lower life forms".  It is this superior attitude that makes the normal friendships between other species of animals surprise us.  Can't we all just applaud friendship?  It's an experience almost all of us animals can share.  To me, the other animals are NOT lower life forms.  "Lower Life Forms", is the "N-word" for other animals.

I agree. I certainly have known dogs that I would grant more rights to than some people I have known.

Oh, I soooooo agree with you, John. I saw a video of an elephant and a dog. The dog got sick and was in the vet hospital and the elephant wouldn't leave the hospital, or eat, or anything....just passed back and forth until the dog was well enough to go back outside. Such a touching story. There is a video on Netflix called, "Unlikely Friends" with all kinds of stories like this :O)

I am a huge animal rights person. I love all animals of every kind, shape, and size. I have seen videos that made me cry for days, and some that made me so mad, if the abuser was in my range I would kill him. I can't understand why people do things that they do to animals with no thought of remorse. I literally HATE these people.

I belong to several groups on facebook, and am a member of ASPCA. I am so glad I found this group.


I saw those videos too. The dog was eventually killed by wild animals and the elephant brought his body back home. In the unlikely friends video a goat led the way for a blind horse. There is no doubt in my mind that some animals love very deeply. I totally agree with you about HATING people that coldheartedly abuse animals that love. I HATE people that coldhearted  abuse other people who love too.


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