A Black Lab mix named Eclipse regularly rides transit buses from near her home in Seattle to a dog park a number of stops away. She knows where to get off. The Transit Administration tolerates it.



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I heard about this dog - really cool story.

So, like any other person, he rides the bus to his chosen destination.  It makes you think, doesn't it?  Then, when you consider that pigs are more intelligent than dogs, do you wonder how we can treat them as we do?  How we can mock them (  ha, ha, ha, BACON!) and eat them?  Did you know that the KKK sold postcards with photos of the public lynchings they held?  Some of these postcards were printed on human skin. Each of us decides which of the barbarous customs of our society we will take part in.  It's time we stop making the other animals sit in the "back of the bus".

I certainly know some people that I prefer innocent animals to.




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