in the state of mississippi and maybe other states also, if your animal attacks anyone he or she has to be put down and I find that really mean. My dog trouble was just put to sleep because my boyfriend provoked him and so trouble bit him. Why should animals be put down if it was their first offense. I can see if it was like their 5-6 offense to be put own but if its a first time thing then its not fair to me its just cruel and inhumane.

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I agree. We often don't treat animals right, or treat them too human, and don't respect their animal side. I dog is half domesticated pet, and half wild canid, as far as I'm concerned. First offense is too strict, but it would also depend on the severity of the attack.
if it was like a cujo kind of first attack then i can see why they would put an animal down but if its like a tiny only 2 teeth broke the skin kind of bite then the animal shouldnt be put down for it,
...but someone would have to call the cops in order for your dog to have to be put down. Most people won't call the cops unless its a severe attack, not unless they're assholes trying to manipulate the system. It's not just the law that's to blame here, it's the dick that got them involved in the first place.

Personally, I think it should have to do with the severity if the attack, if the dog rips off someone's face it's over. On the other hand, if no one was seriously injured, the owner should be able to dispute it in court.




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