A gorilla named Kidogo but affectionately called King Kodo in a German zoo has demonstrated the ability to walk a tightrope. He was moved to the German zoo from a Denmark one. When he became homesick zoo officials put a rope in his gorilla garden for him to hang from but instead he began to walk upon it in an erect manner. He has also performed other abnormally graceful maneuvers since his move to the German zoo. Per the article:


To the amazement of zoogoers, the gorilla has demonstrated an unusual degree of agility -- and has even taken up tightrope walking....She also says that Kidogo has performed a number of other tricks that make him rather unique. In the spring, despite exhibiting signs of homesickness after his move, he sprinted into the enclosure after a heavy rain and did a series of somersaults. He also jumped elegantly to the ground, arms calmly at his sides, from almost four meters (13 feet) up in a tree.




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