Video of Jane Goodall setting free a chimp that she helped to save. Shows the chimp and Jane hugging each other before the chimp goes back to the wild.

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A bear would have done the same thing. Should we care not about bears? Remember that Frodo was a wild alfa male. We should not be so stupid as to make ourselves vulnerable to animals like that. Nevertheless, Frodo could have killed Jane Goodall but did not. He also could have killed Gary Larson but did not. Are you sure you are an animal lover?

That was a good video on the Jane Goodall site. Of course, I'm a hard man and I didn't cry.

All of the verbiage is clouding the issue. The question is - Should we take a loving approach to chimps or not. Unless one is not an animal lover the answer is very obviously yes. It goes without saying that we should not at the same time make ourselves vulnerable to them. The bottom line is that Jane Goodall got that chimp to show appreciation by treating it with love. My opinion is that anybody who criticizes her for this cannot be an animal lover. 

The question is - Should we take a loving approach to chimps or not.

I said nothing against loving animals.  The question I asked, was how has Jane Goodall managed to avoid getting her face torn off or her fingers bitten off? 

The answer is not, by being loving.  She is cautious.  Researchers who study chimps are very careful around them. 

She is also just plain lucky. 

And it's not verbiage.  Chimps in that study I cited, attacked each other physically about 300-400 times more often than did the human hunter-gatherer tribes. 

They are very violent and very strong animals. 

What you have failed to acknowledge is that chimps have a good side too. Although carefully Jane Goodall chose to focus on it and that paid off for her. In that you have ignored it and beyond reasonable doubt have used scare tactics to have others ignore it I don't think you are an animal lover. You have not paid an iota of tribute to the good side of chimps and it is a good rather than bad thing that Jane Goodall has.

What you have failed to acknowledge is that chimps have a good side too.

You haven't paid chimps any compliments either. 

So what? 

I have given you and others factual information about the aggressiveness of chimps.  You have limited yourself to making accusations.

Actually yes, a video that might make people think chimps are safe to be around, should be accompanied by a warning that they aren't.  Their "cute" image has misled people in the past, who have been mutilated. 

When one of those people was attacked by chimps - had his nose, lips and fingers bitten off - the people who responded said they didn't know a chimp could do that.  They thought it looked more like a tiger attack. 

I realize it's shocking.  But it is the truth.  Chimps are dangerous animals. 

If Jane Goodall chooses to hug a chimp, that's her business.  But she as a primate researcher, is taking a risk of being mutilated.  As I said, many of the primate researchers have had fingers bitten off. 
She is just plain taking a risk

John, do you really think that with animals, "love is all you need" - that it's effective in preventing aggression?  
If not, what do you have against me asking what Jane Goodall did to prevent having her face or hands mutilated?
You are trying to "shoot the messenger", when you claim I must not love animals because I ask that question and talk about chimp attacks.  
 Jane Goodall herself has done a great deal to publicize the aggressiveness of chimps and to discourage people from havng chimps as pets.  Do you think Jane Goodall doesn't love animals?

Maybe we haven't been communicating as effectively as we could have.  Given that we should be duly careful around chimps do you think we should take a loving approach to them? Please begin your answer with a yes or no to avoid any misunderstandings.




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