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Abolitionist Project website.

"It seems that philosopher David Pearce is honestly proposing that we should feel ethically compelled to eradicate all suffering and cruelty from the natural world in order to create a sort of global vegan paradise where predators don't exist. Pearce terms this the Abolitionist Project. His plans are, as discussed in depth on his website, theoretically plausible and involve such things as the use of brain implants, behaviour-modifying drugs, and genetic manipulation. Eventually, the lion will, literally, lie down with the lamb, hyaenas will not feel compelled to eat baby elephants alive, and - I presume - ladybirds will not eat aphids, and so on...."

Interesting idea. Insane, but interesting.

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Presumably, yes, I'd say humans are on the list :P Of course, no kind of genetic engineering is necessary in our case because we're already capable of surviving quite healthily on a plant-only diet.
It's not necessarily animal genocide. There are plenty of ways to get rid of a population or species that are fairly humane, such as mass sterilization.
But isn't mass sterilization just genocide under a different name?

Perhaps genocide isn't even the correct word for this idea. It's more like ecocide. Or biocide.
I have to disagree. 'Species' is just an idea. It doesn't exist in the physical world. A species can't live, die, or experience anything - only individual beings can. If you sterilize a species, you are 'killing' the species, but only in a metaphorical sense. The individuals involved, the beings that actually experience life, die of natural causes.
What about animals that hunt in groups? Lions, wolves, hyenas, wild dogs - these species depend on team work to survive. Once the numbers of their species have been sufficently decreased the remaining members will be forced to starve to death because they'll be unable to catch prey.

AND ANOTHER THING! The kind of mass sterilization you're talking about is absoultely unfeasible considering the numbers we're working with. Even if the project was limited to mammalian land predators I don't think it would be economically viable. EVEN IF THE STERILIZATION WAS CARRIED OUT BY ROBOTS!

(Seriously, I think it's an incrediably unethical idea, but why am I having so much fun?)

Meaning that if the project was to be carried out it would more than likely involve killing the animals. I won't rule out using robots for the mass slaughter, however. I suppose they could be programed to kill the animals humanely or something. Of course, then we're back to ecocide.
Starvation is pointed out as though it's some sort of rare occurrence in the wild, which is surprising.

This argument still fails, however - they could always be fed vat-grown beef. :P

No offense to anyone here, but FYI I'm going to be dropping out of the discussion at this point. I think I've argued the basics of the position pretty well; all we're doing now is hashing out the trivial details that people could probably figure out for themselves. Just wanted to let everyone know so no one wonders why I'm not responding :P
Awww, but having an opponent is fun! D:> Who will be devil's advocate now?
Hey, who says I'M the devil's advocate? :P Though I've never heard of an angel's advocate.
Predators perform a huge service for the prey species as a whole. Not just by reducing overpopulation, though that's a big part. They also tend to wipe out the diseased ones before they can spread it too far. So not only will we have the overpopulation issue Jean Marie spoke of, we'll have overpopulated diseased animals.
In my state we wiped out most of our predators and now we not only have the overpopulation problems JM mentioned, we have deer with Chronic Wasting Disease. The deer in whatever state you live in probably have it too. Personally, I'd rather be eaten by a wolf than live with that.

So not only is the guy that proposed this going to have to wipe out all the predators and scavengers and genetically modify all the herbivores to prevent overpopulation, but he's going to have to kill every last bacteria, virus, prion, amoeba, fungus, and parasite. Good luck with that.




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