Studies have proven that animal cruelty is a major common warning sign in juveniles to later, as adults, commit horrific crimes against humans.  Shouldn't these be open, at least in some cases, instead of sealed?

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Yes, the record of violent acts toward people and other animals should not be sealed.
Seeing as how animal cruelty is one of the 3 major signs of a mentally deranged person(the other 2 of course being bed wetting and arson) these records at the very least should be unsealed in the person commits another violent act.

This will allow the DA to prove this person has a history of violence.
Bed wetting is not really seen as one of the signs of future serial killers and mass murderers. It is having been beaten and humiliated FOR bedwetting that predicts these monsters. In other words, being abused, committing arson, and killing animals are predictive behaviors in children.
You're right of course, I was simply trying to make a point. I wasn't trying to make a point on psychology as much as simply point out that no violent criminal is without a precursor.

Or simply put, psycopaths and sociopaths are made not born. Children with a violent upbringing, especially those that exhibit violent behavior are statistically much more likely to committ violent acts as adults than those that grew up in a well udjusted setting.

The kids that kill pets will probably kill people sooner or later, especially without therapy.
Oh yeah, these suckers that set dogs on fire - sick and twisted with no redemption possible if you ask me.

Unseal the records.

Lock em up, throw away the key.
I think they should all be open. The propensity to hurt innocent things should not be hidden.

I think they are sealed because people want the kids to be able to be rehabilitated, and not be plagued by their deeds when they were so young. I can see both sides of the arguement, really. We know that person's pre-frontal cortex, the part that helps us make rational decisions, does not really finish developing until the 20s (but don't absolutely quote me on that). On the other hand, there is legitimate reason to be weary of these kinds of children when we know how cruel they've been. I guess it depends on what you believe about a person's ability to be rehabilitated, or improved, or whatever....


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