A new study supports the theory that whales and dolphins experience joy. Per the article:


Dolphins and whales squeal after pleasant moments, researchers noticed long ago, such as receiving a tasty fish treat. A new study supports that these happy sounds are genuine expressions of delight. The discovery, published in The Journal of Experimental Biology, not only helps to explain the meaning of these sounds but also provides evidence that dolphins and whales experience joy.



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I dance on the grave of Rene Descartes!

The conclusions of this study are so self-evident.  I am glad that the scientists examined past research to come to these conclusions, rather than tormenting captive dolphins and whales yet again.  These fellow earthlings are afforded so very little delight and joy by humans, as we strive to exploit them in every imaginable way.  What are these curious scientists going to do to show evidence of misery, pain, and depression?  




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