Notice that this pastor left the poor cat in a cage, in the back of a truck for days, without water, or food, or shelter, before throwing her off a bridge!  Let's ask for charges to be filed against him.  Sign the care2 petition.

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I will sign the petition. I'm a member of Care2 - that's a wonderful site!

Christian bastard

We need a site dedicated to listing these types of people. Because there are way to many wack jobs with guns in your country and this would be a great way for them to find ethical animal abusers.....

We do have plenty of wack jobs with guns in our country, but they are not looking for ethical targets.  Remember, they are wack jobs!  And the animal rights and animal welfare activists do not carry guns.  Since other animals are defined legally as things and possessions, his offense was just causing damage to someone else's property.  Until the other animals are respected as persons, these outrages will be common.

I love cats too .. it is so sad




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