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HUMANE ATHEISTS is for anyone interested in issues surrounding animal welfare and animal rights. You don't have to be a pet lover, a vegetarian, or an activist to join. You just have to like exploring new ideas and sharing information about the relationships between animals and people, and how we should or should not treat them.

I welcome posts on personal experiences, news and inspirational stories, action alerts, ethical questions, humane living options such as products and websites, and related topics.

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Comment by Dogly on October 9, 2010 at 12:32pm
The Walk for Cancer in dogs sounds nice and touchy/feely good. But read between the lines. 80% of Golden Retrievers get cancer because of extreme interbreeding. I hear no call for the end of overbreeding or interbreeding (incest). Upon whom will this "research" be conducted? Other less fortunate dogs, stolen from their yards by class B dealers, or maybe beagles bred to be sold for medical and commercial experimentation. Big industry - big bucks.
As you can see from my face, I have some Golden Retrievers in my ancestry. Even with this increased chance of cancer, I would not wish that any other dogs suffer on my behalf, the brief and totured existence of a dog used in a lab as a test subject.
Most dog cancers are caused by the disgusting, unhealthy commercial dog foods.
Dogs in labs are not paid volunteers. They are all killed! Don't steal the life of one dog to benefit another.
We stand on all fours in SOLIDARITY.
Los perros unidos nunca serra vencidos!
Comment by Sarah Walton on October 8, 2010 at 2:50pm
Los Gatos: Walk will benefit research to fight cancer in dogs
Comment by Sarah Walton on September 24, 2010 at 5:56pm
Can anyone recommend an overview of animal welfare in California?
Comment by Dogly on July 23, 2010 at 3:14pm
Friday 7/23
I just called the courthouse and found that Judge Debbie Jackson, who heard the case of Charles Bell - dog killer, was the self-same judge who refused to issue an arrest warrant, but instead issued a "courtesy summons". I left a message for her saying that SHE is responsible for the death of this dog. That she should forego "COURTESY" in the future and allow the authorities to RESCUE any animal in distress.

WHY, when called to rescue animals in distress do cops and Animal Control officers leave a note for the brutal person. They never give food, water, or shelter. The thirsty animal can not wait! Are they all idiots? Why not rescue the animal, and THEN leave the f***ing note! Even on the TV Show Animal Cops of ***, they walk off leaving a notice and the abused animals are left there dying. Most state laws allow law enforcement to tresspass, and to rescue. Why don't they do it. I am SOOO mad!
Comment by Dogly on July 23, 2010 at 2:50pm
An incident report states Turner had spotted the dog outside since June 21. It also stated that Turner went to the Bell residence to ask if the dog could be moved into the shade, but the woman who answered the Bell residence "slammed the door in his face."

Animal Control officers appeared before a Florence judge to get an arrest warrant for Bell. The judge denied the arrest warrant, but did issue a courtesy summons for the man. Bell was served with the courtesy summons on July 6, leading up to his court appearance."

A "coutesy summons"! Why did this dumb callous judge think that courtesy to this monster was more important than the very life of this poor dog? Let's find out if it was the same judge who heard the case and ask her. By the way, it is no use giving the name of the judge before the trial. They are not allowed to read or listen to anything about an upcoming case. Maybe now that the case is over, the dog dead, and the abuser's hand slapped, we can tell her what we think of her "COURTESY Summons"!
Comment by Dogly on July 23, 2010 at 2:34pm
Charles Bell gets a easy sentence. He says, " I can only be judged by God and only he knows the truth,“ Bell told Morning News multimedia journalist John D. Russell after the plea.

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Share This Home > News> Local> Pee Dee Florence man pleads guilty to animal cruelty charge

Patricia Burkett/WBTW
By Patricia Burkett | WBTW Anchor/ Reporter
Published: July 23, 2010
Updated: July 23, 2010
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votesBuzz up!FLORENCE—A man charged with animal cruelty was sentenced to a fine and jail time after he pleaded guilty in a court hearing Friday morning.

Charles Bell, 805 Ventura Court in Florence, was charged in late June after Florence County animal control officers found a large black dog dead in a small transport crate.

Bell was sentenced by Florence City Court Judge Debra Jackson to a fine of $1,092 and 30 days to be served on weekends.

City prosecutors had sought 60 days to be served on weekends but only a $500 fine.

Bell will also have to surrender his remaining animal to the animal control officials.

Bell entered his plea in a courtroom packed with animal rights supporters. Spectators were turned away by court officers after it filled up.

“I can only be judged by God and only he knows the truth,“ Bell told Morning News multimedia journalist John D. Russell after the plea.

Bell, who was emotional and surrounded by family afterwards, declined to be interviewed further.

This was the second time Bell has run afoul animal cruelty laws, according to Florence’s Director of Community Services Scotty Davis.

Bell’s first offense came in 2008, when officials found two pit bulls in a cage with feces, Davis said.
Comment by sacha on May 9, 2010 at 12:34pm
I adore the Rhinoceros photograph.
Comment by It's just Matt on April 27, 2010 at 11:13am
A chimpanzee mother, Vuavua, chases away flies circling the body of her dead infant, Veve, at Bossou, Guinea. She uses her hands and a twig tool (a fly-whisk). Veve died two days previously, of a respiratory disease. Vuavua continued to carry her dead infants body for a total of 19 days after death, during which period the corpse mummified.

Comment by sacha on April 23, 2010 at 12:16pm
Comment by It's just Matt on April 21, 2010 at 10:52am

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