The website for the upcoming Atheist Alliance International / Humanist Canada joint Conference with the theme 'Atheists without Borders' is up at

Check out the speaker line-up at

and the website in general for registration, accommodation and travel advisories.

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A little disappointed on the lack of big speakers.
The schedule is now out. I will now not be going. I am now VERY disappointed.

Fuck Bilingualism! I will never go to another convention in Montreal or Quebec!

This convention should have been in Toronto or Vancouver!

None of my atheist friends are going. This is going to be a big flop. Just look at the activity on this site about it or anywhere on the web!
Great convention in Montreal. Attendance (~300) rivaled the much touted CFI 30th anniversary event in LA with higher profile speakers. Dan Dennett and PZ Myers didn't fail to captivate their audience as did Mr. Deity and Chris diCarlo.

The real-time translation (with headsets provided) allowed attendees to participate in the sessions of their choice without language difficulties.




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