Could we have a little status report on which Humanist groups are what in Canada? not yet in HC control? Can we help? = CFI

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The official national organization is Humanist Association of Canada, now operating under the name of Humanist Canada. The website is under the control of the newly elected board and other facilities are falling into place. The official address is changed to Ottawa where the president, vice-president and secretary reside. points to the Canadian Secular Alliance, a body primarily made up of CFI affiliates. However it is misleading and we would like to be able to control that domain name without having to pay dearly for it. We do own

There are many regional affiliate groups that can be seen at but there is only one Provincial organization which is for Ontario called the Ontario Humanist Society, not to be confused with the Ontario Humane Society
I used to volunteer for both HAC and HAO, too much infighting and power struggles so I gave up, I rejoined last year hoping for change in cooperation..
HC is now back in Ottawa from Waterloo is not functional & it could simply be a portal to other site like nexus, ...


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