I have always wondered how those in natural disasters equate that disaster to a god, and then turn to that same god for prayer or blessings, healings. It gets to me when I see the survivors state on TV that god took care of them, when the neighbor was killed or lost all.

In Joplin, Mo. all you heard about was prayer and "miracles". They made a big deal of the cross still standing at the church, which was destroyed. It was a "miracle"..LOL

Do they not understand that the same one they believe in supposedly created the disaster is the one they turn to for help. That just makes no sense..If their god was all powerful, all knowing, all loving, why not just have no disasters. What a mindset..Does anyone else's stomach turn when they hear and see this happen in disasters?

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It is certainly interesting to say the least that most evangelicals believe there is no such thing as climate change because depleting the ozone layer with paleontological deposits is not in the Bible, and as we all know, the earth will not burn to a crisp and see beaches in San Antonio and Palm Springs because that's not part of the Rupture Rapture scenario.
Interesting James...Did not think of that. One could say its near sociopathic tendencies to have such excuses for everything and not think twice about the excuse...Outright denial and lies told to themselves and others. I find it very disturbing to even have conversations with that mindset, always wondering what else they apply that denial and logic too.




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