Because a musical CD contained profanity while labeled by both pictures and words as being for children Wal-Mart has refused to continue to sell it. Thank goodness.

Per the article:

"The CD cover shows four smiling young children surrounded by balloons looking up at the camera. On the back it reads: "Your kids will love these versions of today's biggest hits, reinterpreted especially for them."...

"Wilson said she assumed the children pictured on the CD would be singing, but the voices on the recording belong to adults. At least two of the songs contain profanities and others aren't suitable for children, she said...just the way they referred to women..."

Atheists need to be on the good side of the Wal-Mart decision in oder to not accommodate the desires of many theists to stigmatize us as malign decadent degenerated sociopaths.

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It's listed on the Walmart site, as marked for deletion - Kids Favorites

Bottom line: it sounds like somebody goofed, and the store is taking steps to remedy it. I don't see a need for anyone to take a stand on this, nor what this has to do with stigmatizing atheists.

It might be worthwhile, however, to discuss the nature of profanity use, in popular culture, its effect on people in general and children in particular, etc.
I think you are saying Wal-Mart didn't do anything intentionally wrong and I agree with this except that there might have been a bad apple Wal-Mart employee who looked the other way in order to have the CD get on the shelves.

One need not take an unincited express stand to be on the good side of Wal-Mart's decision. There may be no need for Atheists to take any kind of overt stand regarding it. However, the decision is in the news and, as such, an Atheist might find him or herself in a conversation about it with a theist. In such a conversation if he or she does not support Wal-Mart's decision it would accommodate the stigmatizing of Atheists by theists as malign, decadent, sociopathic or otherwise morally degenerated people.


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