Since so far it seems we're all from different parts of NorCal, I guess I'll start off with the obvious: What's it like to be an atheist in your town? Do you have any local gatherings of the freethinking type? Do you know any other atheists? Is it thick with fundies there?

In Eureka, it really depends on where you go. A ten minute drive will bring a mini culture shift. We have a huge art and music scene downtown, not infrequently featuring anti-religious punk bands - and we also have a church...IN THE FUCKING MALL. In my religions class at College of the Redwoods, fully half of the participants are nonreligious, most atheist, and yet this is a place where neither the community college nor the university have a secular students' group. I hope to fix that.

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A Church, In the Mall? That is the most appropriate place to put one. At least they are getting honest about selling their product. And how can you ask for a refund once you're dead? Brilliant! That would make Jesus proud.
I know. It's so deliciously, inadvertently honest.

I see no activity here for three years . . . Is this a dead page?
IF so can we resurrect it?

Hello All!! I live in Rio Dell which is in Mid-Southern Humboldt County. Firstly... I should have known not to buy a house in a town with 1 church for every 100 people and no bars ... Live and Learn I suppose. Before I had even lived there an entire week I had 2 neighbors and a group of total strangers try to "save " me. To this day years later my neighbor, (by the way a drunk, obnoxious woman with a horrible tweeky set of kids) still tries to get me to go to church with her...

Anyway... do I know any other Athiests in Rio Dell? Yes but he is my husband, other than that I am fairly sure we are completely alone. I tried to get involved in the area with other things like Doula work and volunteer work but each time it came down to holding hands and praying at the end so I have pretty much isolated myself completely.

I found this group when I did a google search for Athiests in Humboldt county and I see there has not been a lot of activity for a while but I hope that changes! I was considering starting a Secular Social Circle here in Humboldt and I was going to post it on Craigs List but I did not want to deal with the hate mail I am sure it would generate just yet. That decision made me a bit mad at myself since there are ads on there for "Post Abortion Bible Support Groups" almost daily so what is wrong with my secular humanism? I mean I donate and volunteer a hell of a lot more than my neighbors and other religious folks... I digress... Nice to meet you all!!!

I see no activity here for three years . . . Is this a dead page?
IF so can we resurrect it?

Hey everybody, I'm in McKinleyville, and I don't know any atheist here yet! I hope that I can meet some of you that are in this group. It is kind of lonely here since I just moved to the area recently. I would really like to find some people to hang out with that share some common views and interests!

I see no activity here for three years . . . Is this a dead page?
IF so can we resurrect it?

Sounds like a good idea to me! I just moved from Spokane, WA, where we have an active group of non-believers who take an energetic part in political discussions, to an old lumbering town in northeastern WA state. The old timers here were Mennonites that have thinned out with younger generations. Seventh Day Adventists, Jehovah's Witness, Mormons and the usual string of Baptist, Lutheran, Roman Catholic, United Church of Christ and a few fringe sects fill the town with more churches than taverns. 

I live on a farm in the country and so don't have much contact with them in person. Several people from here read my Facebook site filled with pro-woman, pro-choice, anti-religion pieces. My family gets some feedback and nothing serious. I have more negative comment about my Permaculture articles from the old-time farmers. Many don't like the "new-fangled" ideas I advocate.  

Ooppss!! I am not a resident of Humboldt/NorCal and like the topic, "Atheists in your town".

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Femina Irata on September 16, 2009 at 8:17pm in Humboldt/NorCal Freethinkers

I think we agree on many topics, its a shame your two states north.
You are also the only ,person to respond to this.




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