Greetings! Is there a Hum Co freethinker/ skeptic group? I would love to have some atheist friends!

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Hi Cary,

There seems to be. I sent an email to each member individually but didn't get responses. I long to have some good conversations.

Where are you located? I hang out almost every day at Ramone's on Harrison.

Michael Cooley

Hi Michael: Thanks for your message. It has taken me awhile to figure out how to contact you. Anyhow, I am a retired woman & I only know a few atheists. I would be delighted to meet you for a cup of coffee at Ramone's if you are up for it.
Best regards,
Cary Frazee

Anytime. In fact, I just arrived, if you have time to stop by today. I'm sitting by the door.



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