Given that atheist groups in Idaho aren't all that well published here (or elsewhere) I figured it wouldn't hurt to list a few. I hang around West Valley Free Thinkers for the most part (brace for blatant plug); we meet at the Flying M in Nampa:

The other groups around are:

Boise Atheist, Non-Theist, and Humanist Social:

Cosmos Coffee Club:

Boise Secular Student Alliance:

Idaho Atheists:

Humanists of Idaho:

There's a fair bit of cross-membership between the groups. The numbers that show up for these groups ranges from something like 4-20 people for typical meetings, with some events drawing around 60-80. All of these groups are less than 2 years old, but appear to be growing very quickly.

If I've missed any existing groups, or you decide to start your own, you can post it here.

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I noticed that is doing a nationwide billboard campaign and that there is not an Idaho affiliation. I would suspect that maybe the more connected folk in Boise should contact them ans see if they might be willing to assist in passing along the word.
It would seem like Secular Idaho should affilliate with COR.

Dan - I think it is time for WVFT to join that group so we can try to make that happen.


Here's the Idaho Atheists facebook page if you're interested in joining. I've had pretty good success with it:




Update Your Membership :




Nexus on Social Media:


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