Imagine a ritual for our transition from Dominator Culture Religion to a secular Earth Community to feel tangible and social. Consider two parts.

The first, provisional name MemeOut, affirms our unity and defies Theistic Memeplex divisiveness. It connects four seminal writers whose ideas, while not perfectly integrated intellectually, fit together for a self-consistent and powerful social/emotional framework. See attached file.

The second, Breaking Chains on the Heart, is simple. It's just sharing physical religious ritual elements and how they're used with atheist "outsiders" with the person who'se sharing  deconstructing the meaning. What's flawed, what's wrong with this ritual? How does this ritual still feel meaningful when he/she doesn't buy "god"? What parts of the ritual does he/she think can be re-purposed for a global inclusive community? A religious song could also be deconstructed and/or have new lyrics suggested.

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