Since there's no apparent purpose for the 'Featured Members' section here on A|N, I propose that we, irresponsible members of the IAWGMOALITI group, should grant the status of 'Feathered Member' to whomever has avian lineage.

I'm not sure I'm worthy of this honor myself, although it's been said that many people from the city my maternal grandfather was born in are descendants of these geese who saved Rome from invading Gauls in 390 BCE. And it's true that my grandfather's sister used to bark like a goose. Myself I feel a bit feathery sometimes, when I wake in the morning after an ethylated night.

Obviously Bearcats and Cats o' Whatever can't apply.

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My sister has said that she remembers being some bigger type of waterfowl, possibly a goose, in her previous life. So, I can say that I'm related to birds.
This is a good idea, my fine feathered friend.

Birds of a feather!
I think I'm related to some bird-brains. Does that count?
We do seem to have some avian members on Nexus.




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