Did anyone else go to see Dawkins at IU? Good lecture / reading, great Q&A.

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I thought the 'lecture' was a little weak. It consisted of him reading passages from his new book, which I've already read. So I wasn't that impressed w/ him reading it. He did take questions and most were good, a couple really good and a couple that were really bad. Overall, it was freaking Richard Dawkins so it was pretty cool. One of the best parts was just mingling w/ about 2,500 Atheists ( give or take a few)!! Everywhere you listened was another debunking of religious fallacies! It was great!
Yes, one 'bad' question was basically... 'Why don't you teach evolution through the bible, so people who believe in the bible can understand evolution?' Dawkins' answer : 'Why would I bend over backwards to try to teach evolution through the scribblings of a bunch of bronze age goat herders?!' Great answer! Another bad question was ' Is there any proof or evidence FOR intelligent design?' Answer, "NO!" I did not see his wife. It was great to be around like minded people. Everyone was having rational, educated, blasphemous conversations. We laughed at Ray Comfort and his boy toy Kirk, we talked about hitchins and Dennet, and of course The God Delusion! Our team is bigger than we could have imagined! I'm going to try to go to an Indy Atheist meeting because I had so much fun with all those atheists.




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