I don't know if any of you have seen this before, but I found an interesting article about the atrocious "In God We Trust" license plates that are floating around the Hoosier state. Apparently the Indiana Supreme Court thinks that the BMV is doing nothing wrong by offering the plate at no extra cost as they would with any other specialty plate.


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I wonder what happened to E Pluibus Unum. I guess that's pretty much a dead concept now.
The only advantage to this license plate is that lousy drivers are readily identified. Have you noticed?
I have yet to see one of these license plates that does not have the owner/driver doing something stupid/arrogant/...or just plain weird.
Unfortunately there are SO MANY god plates ...AUUUGGGGGGGGHHH!
Seriously, though, the government should not be allowed to endorse any religion. The god-trust plates, as well as placing god-trust all over our money is just plain wrong. Whether the majority want it or not, it completly contradicts Freedom of religion (& from religion) when our government endorses any at all.
Atheists have been fighting this for years. Unfortunatley we are still a minority, but we can not roll over on this. We need to keep making noise.
Agreed, but the problem with the currency is that any large-scale recall is nearly impossible, and the government is unwilling to put a plan in to introduce non IGWT bills because they are not willing to face the fire from the religious right, and that intern gives the BMW a reason to say that it's justified. The fault really does lay with us though, atheists have yet to band up cohesively, and cannot seem to get any one message out. Atheists need to realize that A) they are not alone, B) with unity comes power, and C) That Religious Apologism is the enemy to that unity (I suggest The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins or Sam Harris' The End of Faith if you want that apologism shot out your nether regions).
Those plates annoy me to no end!
It helps me a little to think that the "we" applies to the particular car owners.

And YES, Carl -- I've noticed the lousy driving. - Perhaps they're just trusting that their god will get them through no matter how many people they cut off? (Anyway, the label IS helpful as a warning.)

I have (false?) hope that someone, somewhere, sometime, will notice that there is a pickup truck on the Indy interstates every day, bedecked with a proud Dawkins "A" and a Darwin fish, with a driver who is courteous and aware of her suroundings.

I look for other "A's", Darwin fish, etc. but have yet to notice one (other than a coworker).
It would be nice to see some support out there!
I'll buy the blue markers and we can all color in the T on the word trust. Who's with me?
I was thinking of a sticker reading "science" or "reason" to put on top of the "God" part -- but your idea is great too - and cheaper - I'm in!
Well are they offering other religious themed license plates for free? What about the whole "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion" Where are the free Islamic "in Allah we trust" plates or Pastafarian plates with a picture of ? Surely they wouldn't be trying to promote Christianity!? =0
I agree. These very much irk me. But I think the root of the problem is still where it always was, and this is only a recent manifestation. The majority have yet to realize that yes, there are in fact other religious and non-religious ideas out there on the topic of "god". Actually I'm pretty sure it's been realized. They're in denial, and can't stand the thought of America not being a "christian nation". Ugh. "What, you mean we DON'T live in a theocracy??"
I think we should all demand "In Science We Trust" license plates at no extra cost.
Although I agree with everything that is being said and I would love to see a " in science we trust" license plate, it's not the reasons listen below that I am upset about it, but simply because I went to get new plates and they gave me a " In god we trust " one without even giving me a choice. Of course I made them give me a different one and they had little problem with it, but that's not really the point.... The point is not everyone shares the same belief, believe it or not some of us don't have mental disorders.
It was these unconstitutional license plates that started me down my path from "mild mannered keep to my self" agnostic to "I'm sick your religious crap" atheist.
I just moved to Indiana, and this was the FIRST thing I noticed!!! I was furious, because I came from Louisiana, and thought that I was finally getting into a more LIBERAL environment. Ugh...



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