The biggest accomplishment so far of U.S. Rep. Steve Buyer's scholarship foundation has been to send the Indiana congressman to play golf with donors at luxury locales such as the Bahamas and Disney World.

The fundraising golf outings have raised more than $880,000 for the Frontier Foundation that Buyer founded in 2003. Almost all the contributions are from 20 companies and trade organizations that have interests before the House Energy and Commerce Committee on which Buyer serves.

In addition, the foundation gave $1,450 in 2008 to the National Rifle Association Foundation.

I don't care if you support or oppose the NRA. How giving money to the NRA related to the stated goal of this foundation.

"This is another loophole that special interests use to buy access and influence. Certainly their hope is that by donating this money to Congressman Buyer's private foundation, that he will be more accessible to them," said Mary Boyle, spokeswoman for Common Cause, a nonpartisan group founded to hold elected leaders accountable to the public interest

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Yes I read the post that you responded to.
I agree the biggest problem is money. But I would like to ave more than 2 options.
I agree, louis. There's no question a lot of influence peddling goes on in washington. It also has plenty of democrats in that gang as well though. Something I don't see much mention of from a lot of folks who post on this site.
That is true. For I don't care what affiliation someone has. A weasel is a weasel.
I think it's just a nature of the beast thing Louis. Human nature will always find a way to assert itself in matters of power and influence. Or, anything else we engage in. I'm often disgusted by the corruption I see in the news and in my little world. The thing that REALLY gets me is the health care plan they all have and that we can't get. I wonder if their cadillac plan will get hammered by the taxes that will surely be dished out to us? Doubt it.
"Please do not assume that if a company contributes to the foundation, that somehow that's some type of influence upon what I'm about to do," said Buyer.

Because pharmaceutical companies are big donors to the foundation, Buyer points to his opposition to health care reform as evidence that he is willing to oppose their view.





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