Today's news paper carried a picture of ISRO chairman Madhavan Nair going for a "pooja" in a temple before the launch of Chandrayaan-1. Whatever little science I know has made me see how big a fraud religion is. But here we have a rocket scientist, who is far more knowledgeable in science, "praying" for the success of a mission. What hope is there for India when its brightest refuse to think rationally?

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I see no cause for alarm in this. Madhavan Nair should be allowed his right to believe or disbelieve as long as he keeps it personal and does not let it interfere with his work as ISRO chairman. If he decided to start a research programme into the possibility of spaceflight as a boon from Shiva as mentioned in places in the Mahabharata, I'd be worried, yea. But him exercising his personal faith by going for a "pooja" in a temple is no concern of mine and should not be one for you. Can you prove that his faith in this "pooja" caused any complications in the Chandrayaan - 1 launch? And being the scientist that he is, I'm sure even he has the sense to attribute any success of the mission to his team first and then to whatever God-thing he believes in.

Belief in a higher entity does not automatically make someone irrational in everything, I'm afraid. Sure, there are misinformed religious nuts everywhere who need to be schooled about life, the universe and everything the hard way. But, even among believers, I have found people who agree with me on most matters like evolution, personal choice, tolerance, miracles, myths, etc. These choose to wear their faith as a security blanket, those who chose to go with the safe bet on Pascal's wager. They aren't irrational, their decision-making isn't impaired by faith, they aren't bearded mullahs who believe in virgins in the afterlife.

Ashish's story now, the one on human sacrifice, jump all over it, people! THAT is backward, that is barbaric and needs to be clawed out of our society like a tumor. Now here is an interesting detail though. They call it an attempted sacrifice and not an attempted murder. Why is that, huh? Why different terms for the same thing?
if someone don't believe in god and believe in ghost,than he should come under the term non-atheist.
what i think of atheist word is a person who don' belive in anything apart from scientific facts and if beleive,try to collect facts in the favour of it,not giving them the names "Ghost"



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