India has a multicultural ethos, at least in theory ,with so many religions trying to co-exist with their mutually non-inclusive ideologies .i was wondering how the media depicts the atheists .We have had prominent atheists as well as anti-theists (invariably associated with communism..though other intellectuals have emerged as well) over the years ,but even now the godless are depicted in an unfavorable light.
the other day i saw a bollywood film ,where the main character who is initially atheist (fun watching that part! ) later gradually turns believer as the story progresses.So far i haven't seen any movie where the atheist is the hero, though there are some regional movies heere and there that comes close......

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This is interesting. I started this group a couple of weeks ago and I promptly forgot about it. Glad to see others have joined.
I agree with you about this Riaz. One of the most famous "Bollywood atheist" lines would be Amitabh's "Aaj khush to bahut hoge tum (You must be very happy today)" as addressed to the idol in a temple. being religious and having religious motivation for their actions is shown to be a big plus in most Bollywood movies. I can't recall any Hindi movies in which a non-believer was shown in a positive light, though I must admit I am not a big movie buff.




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