A series of changes in the Indian media structure, over the past few years, suggest that a paradigm shift is on the horizon in India. The incursion of the internet has disrupted authoritarian channels of information-flow and old hierarchies are quickly breaking down.

Throughout this process of change there will likely be conflicts of interest between the atheists and the believers and within the free-thinker community itself. But think about this: If we can form a social network of atheists who care about building meaningful lives by rejecting superstition and embracing naturalistic reality, our dreams for a truly secular society will surely not remain fantasy.

So, go ahead, post articles, comment on religious events in India and abroad, discuss Dawkins and Dennett, talk about your personal issues or philosophical convictions- this place is for us- no holds barred. The only rules that apply are those that are mandated by Atheist Nexus. That having said, I reserve the right to ban any disruptive religious zealots whom I may deem irrational beyond "salvation".


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