A call to arms! Atheists around the world must unite against tyranny.

Dear All,

I am writing to you from Pakistan. I wish to bring to your attention the fact that Muslims across the world are launching protests against the right to free speech and having social networking websites banned in their countries.

The court in Lahore, Pakistan, issued a sentence today, banning Facebook for an indefinite period of time. The URL of the social networking site will be blocked by the telecommunication authorities. This action was taken in response to some 20 people protesting against Facebook outside the court.

Newspaper clip:


This entire hue and cry is a response to a facebook page inviting people to submit drawings of Mohammad on the 20th of May to challenge the sheer intolerance of Muslims when it comes to bringing their religious beliefs under scrutiny.

The implications of this action can be dire for atheists, free thinkers, non-Muslims and relatively more tolerant Muslims residing in these countries. Such ill-conceived attempts at trying to appease and pander to the religious sensitivities of Muslims can be utilized in future to curtail any semblance of democratic rights that we did enjoy in the past. Today it is facebook, tomorrow it could be who knows what.

I call for all atheists and free thinkers to rise up in arms against such despotic attempts to curtail the freedom of expression in countries, such as mine. We could use any and all help that comes our way. Appeal to your media, your governments to pressurize governments like mine into revoking such undemocratic orders.

The petition:


In solidarity

Younas Chowdhry

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Hello Younas,

Welcome to the group. We Indian Freethinkers (most of us, at least) stand by your cause. I've been aware of the incident and the resulting fall-out. It is outrageous that the entire site is blocked off in all of Pakistan because of a handful of protesters. I will promote your cause on our facebook group (we have around 750 members) and will also get all my friends on facebook and elsewhere to promote your cause.

This recent restriction of free-speech in Pakistan is part of a larger pattern that has emerged from Pakistan and India in the past few years. I began reporting on this issue starting a year ago. We atheists and freethinkers need to stand in solidarity in these tumultuous times, and take back our freedoms from those who oppress us.

The recent upsurge in religious bigotry and suppression of free-speech is actually the last resort of a scared group of ideologues, cowering in fear. These religious goons know that their beliefs and ideas cannot stand up to reason and dialogue. We must join forces and keep pushing back until the scourge of religion has no more say on what our governments and our societies consider appropriate and moral.

Best, regards,
Dear Ajita,

Really appreciate all the support. Thank you.

in solidarity

theyve blocked access to youtube, wikipedia and flickr as well




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