The most sophisticated system of spiritual-religious thought in India is Advaita... and it is also an expression of the most extreme other-worldliness of the kind which has plagued India since the Ayrans came there. Though sophisticated, it is also metaphysical and most of its variants (and proponents) are distant from all social human concerns. It is all about the desire for liberation (cessation of existence in the world). It ought to be taken apart systematically on all fronts so that gurus and other people living in the past and its superstitions etc. get the rations ground cut away beneath their feet... for this is their main appeal in the West, the involved ideology and labyrinthine meanderings of speculation so as to explain all and everything without any science or empiricism.
I have posted a number of articles criticising Advaita, such as the following:-
Some reflections on Advaita Vedanta
The so-called 'spiritual search' - subjectivist 'teaching' about th...
Mental double-accounting: 'spiritual doublethink' in indoctrination

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Do we really need a ved to be an atheist ? Why can't we be simple and clear. Humanity is the one word which can answer all questions and doubts. ??
I am terribly confused by what Kalki Sharma said about the Advaita being Non Theistic.. based on my understanding of the following premises..

1)The importance laid by Adi Sankara on the Shruti as opposed to Smriti.. wherein Shruti is the canon of scripture divinely revealed to the ancient Rishis.. and I assume Divinity is an attribute that pretty much confirms a theistic ideology?

2)The infallible belief in the Vedas, which clearly has polytheistic and Paganistic connotations. Right from the 1000 verses dedicated to Indra and Agni in the Rig Veda.

3)The Canon does include Bhagavad Gita.. attributed to a Divine Theistic Deity

Coming from a Brahman family of the Smartha tradition(followers of Adi Sankara) and having seen a life living in accordance to Adi sankara's framework, and worshipping numerous idols in temples affiliated to the Shankar Mutt, the Smartha tradition (subset of) Advaita (subset of) Vedanta seems anything but Non Theistic.




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