Atheism existed in India before anywhere else on earth. Today also there are many prominent figures in India who are atheists. Why don't they come forward as atheists and help promote atheism in Indai? Is it because of general apathy for which we Indians are famous? Is it because they view atheism is purely personal belief?

If this is the case of prominent figures, that of the ordinary atheists also does not seem to different. They are also absolutely apathetic to the cause of atheism. This raises one question. Will atheism progress in India?



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atheism will progress in india only if atheists are given Z category protection from govt. india is the only country in world where nobody can clearly says" to hell with god or religion". if somebody says so, either he will be attacked by religious gundas or he will be boycotted and attacked by his neighbours. sometimes that attack is physical.

one morething is needed for atheism to progress. that is 'doubt'. doubt is a forbidden word in india. we indians love to belief, have unshakable faith in bogus, meaningless things. this is also a major obstacle in the path of atheism.

these 2 obstacles are absent in seculer west.

first remove these obstacles and then atheism will flourish.


Arnab, I am not new to your discussions. You appear to be highly emotional and because of which you always seem to cross the limits of sense of proportion. Believe an old man that you will go nowhere, you will achieve nothing if you do not learn moderation.

Things are not so bad in India as you make out. Am I not an atheist? And all people connected with me know fully well that I a stong atheist. I have never hidden it and I never needed any protection at all.

Doubt is needed, no doubt! Doubt is a part of what we call scientific temperament and what we truely need is this scientific temperament. One reason for this is that all science and technology comes from west. We simply use it and not many people apply their mind fully to it. This will improve with science education. I understand the tremendous difference between the education  at my time and at present time, when my grandson is going to school. I tell you, the children in present generation, in general, are far more smarter than children in my generation. The curve of change in their generation will change much faster. So, do not be so frustrated. You have very inflated ideas about the western society because of your youtth and inexperience, but rest assured, we are definitely poised to do very well compared to them in not too diatant future. You are very young and your entire life is ahead of you. So be active and without fear, with your likeminded friends, work for the progress of our country, whatever or however it is. That is all we have.

I hope I have not offended you. I meant only good.


sir ,with due respect i beg to inform you that

to the first part of your reply:

you don't need any protection? go and chalenge a populer baba or sadhu or religious group, you will find that you better need a protection. or you just criticize a populer belief or babas over the net.(not in this site obviously) i.e. say in youtube, you will receive all sorts of threatning and hate mail. i did it personally myself. 

i criticize baba ramdev and rajiv dixit in my videos. i exposed their lies which they use to misguide people, create mass hysteria. to this date, i receive you think that these people will spare me if they get me?

to the second part of your reply:

our generation are smarter than yours. well sir it is not true. our generation is as strong a god believer as your generation. but your generation are wiser than our generation because our generation cannot think deeply. our gen. is very fickle minded. thats why these babas, gurus equally fool them. you know, even a man like sachin tendulkar, an icon for our gen, is an ardent follower of the satya sai baba, the magician.

doubt has no relation with science education. if there is any relation, then till date india become a race of scientist. doubt has a relation with culture and values. in fact doubt is a value system which i very much respect. in india, the culture of belief, faith is very dominant in nature. you need a cultural reform ( from belief/faith to doubt) in order to establish atheism.

sir, please rethink your idea.




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