लगभग २६०० साल पहले चार्वाक या चार्वाक वाद हो गया। च्रा‍र्वाक ने हमे सीखाया की खाओ, पीओ ओर मोज मजा करो। स्वस्थ रहना ही जीवन है। स्वस्थ जीवन से वीचार स्वस्थ होते है। धर्म या भगवान जैसी कोई चीज नहीं है। कर्म, पुनःजन्म, जाती स्मरण सब बकवास है।

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Welcome to the group, Charvak.
Can someone please translate the Hindi for those of us who can't read it?
Before 2600 years, Charvak has given us lession that be healthy and your though will be healty. There is no God, Religion or Aatma. Hence Karm, Rebirth, etc., all are useless.

Cārvāka is a system of Indian philosophy that assumes various forms of philosophical skepticism and religious indifference. It is also known as Lokāyata. It is named after its founder, Cārvāka, author of the Bārhaspatya-sūtras.

In overviews of Indian philosophy, Cārvāka is classified as a "heterodox" (nāstika) system, the same classification as is given to Buddhism and Jainism. It is characterized as a materialistic and atheistic school of thought. While this branch of Indian philosophy is not considered to be part of the six orthodox schools of Hindu philosophy, it is noteworthy as evidence of a materialistic movement within Hinduism.
Yes, I've read a bit about the ancient materialists in the Nastika schools. As I understood it, Nastika only rejected the validity of the Vedas and did not itself imply a materialist philosophy, and the Lokayatas/Charvakas were the group within the Nastika category who were complete materialists- is that correct? The Buddhists and the Jains were not materialists, although they were part of the Nastika tradition of rejecting the supremacy of the Vedas.

Correct me if Im wrong. Thanks!
yes, buddhist and jains are certainly from nastika tradition but they still follow many principals of hinduism like belief in re-incarnation


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