My name is Rizwan Khan and i live in Delhi.
I am an ex-muslim and an atheist for last 1 year.Since then i am active in spreading the atheism :

i have write this letter to whole group to tell you something.I'm leaving my hometown Delhi and coming to Mumbai for earning some money.I am asking you people if you have any work that i could do in Mumbai or you know somebody who have some work for me to do.Mumbai is a new place for me.i only need work to do.In starting,any type of work will be o.k.

why?why i am asking you?because  we share a common bond together.we are atheist.if i go to any mosque in Mumbai and stand there for whole day i am surely going to get a job maybe even before the day ends.why?because we share a common imaginary friend and common stone age code of conduct? Surely,i am not going to do this.We always say that atheist should come together as a community like theist have.they help each other in need.That's why i have asked you.

What ever you answer is i am expecting a reply from you.

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any work from Pune will be welcomed and needed too.

Hi Rizwan,

Welcome to Bombay. I personally dont have anything to offer you but depending on what field you are in, can talk to a few friends. email me at shako65@gmail.com and I will give you my cell number. I leave on Saturday for a vacation, back week beginning 24 Dec. Good luck and all the best in your new city.


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