I have just got back from my nightmare drive through India and although it was only 2 weeks, it was intense enough that I got a good flavour of the country. The criticism that I will make is aimed at the authorities (government and religious), not really at the people.

I was horrified at the lack of support for the people of India.  The financial success of the country is derived from the exploitation of it's people.  The government supplies little infrastructure, if any.  There's no minimum wage, basic working conditions, minimum working age, integrated wastage/sewage disposal system, integrated transport system, health care or welfare system.  It is medieval in appearance.  It reminded me of England in the 13th Century.  How is it right that the people live in rust-stained shacks whilst the Gods live in pristine white palaces?

The idea that this is 'God's country' is offensive.  Even if there was a God, it wouldn't be happy with what is happening in India.  The abuse is atrocious.  I saw so many people in abject poverty, being sick on a continual basis.  No amount of colourful saris and crisp school uniforms can conceal the festering brown stuff bubbling under the surface.  What needs to happen is a revolution; an uprising; an Indian 'Magna Carta'.   But this is the real problem.  They are in a terrible catch-22.  They have such a bad lifestyle that I can understand why they need to believe in something other than this life, but they have been hooked onto the idea that suffering is part of the plan; that if they accept the suffering then they will have a better life next time around.

If it is all part of God's plan then are they going to question or even challenge it?  No.  The religious groups know this and play on it.  The manipulation by them is criminal.

Unfortunately, I cannot see anything changing anytime soon and it looks like, as the population continues to grow and the resources continue to shrink, there is a catastrophic crash ahead.  I hope that this is not true but 'the writing is on the wall'.

As always, I will be interested in your opinions.

All the best


p.s.  What is it about driving in India?  It is utter madness.  I saw more crashes in 2 weeks than I see in a year in England.  Is it really just the Patriarchal system of men doing what they want?  Crazy!

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It is much deeper than that. Indian society is one of the most prejudiced and bigoted societies. Historically the "lower" castes have been the darker ones. There are, of course, exceptions, and the genetic diversity within India falls on a multidimensional gradient, but there is a long history of this behavior. It goes back to the time when Brahmanism was the dominant religion of India.
It is much deeper than that. Indian society is one of the most prejudiced and bigoted societies.

I notice a lot of regional prejudice. Some people I know don't like anyone who has a certain last name. Well, we have some regional prejudices in America too although I don't think they're as deep...states are much more similar here.
This is fascinating. Thanks for this.

Yep, it doesn't look good for India. I saw a new power station being built in Sikkim that was affecting the river there. There is much talk about restricting these developments, particularly when the Ganges is involved, but with an increasing population demanding more and more, somethings got to give.
Well said Francis " India is a highway to hell". And "THE HELL" starts when you just cross its westren borders. Sadly no one like to visit the hell before the death, had you been there you would have forgotten the highway. Electric supplies only at alternatate hours at 40 celcious(people sleep only at alternate hours during night). Public sector almost dead. People had to buy things like medicine and education out of their poverty. Regular crises of daily use items like suger and flour. Religious extremeism seems to be much smaller problem. Who cares in the hell......



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