I'm sure that more than a few of you here must write blogs. I would love to read what you, the bloggers here, are writing about. Of course I am familiar with some, like the Friendly Atheist, but are there others here?

Now a bit of shameless self-promotion, here's my recent interview with Daniel Dennett (Author of Breaking the Spell): http://nirmukta.com/2008/12/26/nirmukta-exclusive-interview-with-da...

I look forward to seeing what you people are up to.

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Very good interview. I've been a bit confused by some of the newer theories if mind and there were some points that became clearer. A book that's influenced me a lot is Tor Nørretrander's "The User Illusion". It's a bit old now but still good. From thermodynamics to conciousness in logical steps is quite a feat.
I'm new here and don't blog much. I do however write poems, so now it's my turn for self promotion. I've got a site: http://sites.google.com/site/skepticalpoetry/ there's a link from my AN page. I also send rough drafts to "Ars Poetica" and "I write because I have to" groups here at AN. They're free to use if you would like to use one. The Brights have already used "Sisyphus" but take your pick of the others.
Keep up the good work.
Ian Mason
Hey Ajita, First let me commend you on an excellent interview. The research, the follow-up questions and the overall interview was very nicely done. Hope to read more such interviews.

Btw, I don't see a problem with self promotion since we don't have any media machinery behind us to let other people know about our thoughts and opinions. Whether it's shameless or not is for other people to decide. Btw I do have an Rss feed from nirmukta and do read it regularly. I found the post on Narendra Nayak's rationalism tour of India very encouraging and also quite humorous.

Here's my blog, which I just started it a few months ago, and is more of a place-holder for my thoughts and opinions. So I do plan to keep writing whether others read it or not and hopefully exchange ideas and knowledge with other atheists/agnostics.


Thanks a lot for your compliments, its nice to be appreciated.

Ian, I've not heard of the author or the book you mentioned. I'll be sure to check them out. Also, the poetry rocks! I just may want to use one of your pieces somewhere on the website and I'll request you then. I do some poetry writing myself, from time to time. Actually, I write songs mostly, or spoken-word kind of stuff.

Nitwit Nastik, I don't know how I missed adding your blog to the blogroll at Nirmukta. I'll be doing that immediately. Narendra is posting an update on his tour today, be sure to check it out. There are some nice pictures as well.

Ananya, I read your post on rationalism and found it quite interesting.

Keep up the good work y'all. If you write something that you think would be appropriate for Nirmukta, I'll be glad to take a look.

Thanks Ajita for adding my blog to Nirmukta. I will be keenly awaiting the next update from Narendra. Thanks again.
@Ajitha.. I have visited Nirmukta a couple of times before..
@Nitwit Nastik.. I have subscribed to your blog too.. interesting posts.. glad to find you guys here..

I personally have a blog but I don't write much about Atheism(yet).. My first Atheistic post is my latest one where I prominently displayed the outcampaign's A.. maybe I will delve into the subject further in my new posts..




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