As far as i can deduce from previous threads and posts, there has been little organized activity. Apart from a few meetings and debates, we haven't really accomplished anything locally.
How many people are interested in getting together to create a local rationalist organization..... that can do something different..... something more tangible than online words. Lets see what we are really made of.
It doesn't have to be attached to any other rationalist group.....unless absolutely necessary. If anyone is interested, lets get this ball rolling.
The first initiative that i can think of is the publication of a regular newsletter/magazine that can be circulated to spread awareness; this can also challenge the so-called moralists and culture-police.

So lets come up with an agenda to get things running.
You can contact me at :

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Nirmukta.com regularly comes up with newsletters and articles. You too can contribute there. I can understand your passion but it is is too much to expect a change overnight. Why can't you be part of our monthly gathering?? Yes, things are little haphazard, but we are confident with time everything will fall in place.
thanks. i was unaware of this group. the Bangalore Rationalist Association (BRA????) really needs to rearrange its name though.... haha.
Funny....no such name dude. Anyway, we meet up 2nd Saturday of every month. I will keep you posted.
Hi Kiran,

Glad to see your enthusiasm. If you are on facebook, please check out the Nirmukta group there (you can also check out http://www.nirmukta.com, another popular place for Indian atheists).

There is an All Karnataka Rationalist meet on March 14th. It will be great if you can join. Manoj T V runs the Indian Skeptic e-magazine (earlier Bangalore Skeptic) -- you can find issues on Nirmukta.

Some of us have started meeting separately very recently -- we've had two meetings so far. We are meeting again on March 13th at Jimmy's in Koramangala 6th Block at 6PM. It will be great if you can make it to the meeting. Narendra Nayak has confirmed that he will be attending the March 13th meeting.

Hope to see you next Saturday.

Small correction Kiran. We meet up 3rd Saturday of every month. But this month, we pushed it to a week early so that Narendra Nayak could join us.
great. will catch you there.
i am from tamil nadu do u ppl mind if i join u banglore guys?
All are welcome dude. :-)





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