I was thinking of compiling a list of all Indian freethought websites (and maybe even blogs). Maybe we can have it up in the group's description.

So please suggest websites. Lets put together a list of online resources for Indian Atheists!

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Hey, thats a great idea, Ashish! I was only thinking from the online community's point of view, but your idea is great. That could be a nice exercise in general, because many people don't realize that India has a great atheist past, like the Greeks did.
Here's my contribution:


And towards of the bottom of the page you will see relevant web pages on my site.
Thanks, Kadiwala. Unfortunately I have no free time just now, but if someone could come up with a list of active freethought websites, I will post it up in the group discussion.
on Wikipedia if you search "athism in india" you will find many celebrities names and their profiles.
@ Ajita Kamal
Well, if you haven't checked yet then here's the list.
# Atheist Center
# Bihar Buddhiwadi Samaj (Bihar Rationalist Society)
# Dakshina Kannada Rationalist Association
# Federation of Indian Rationalist Associations
# Hyderabad Rationalist Forum
# Indian Humanist Union
# Kerala Yukthivadi Sangham
# People's Science Center
# Science and Rationalists' Association of India

Apart from that, you can also open your own Atheist/Rationalist organization with the help of CFI(center for inquiry) and SSA(Secular Students Alliance) on your campus.
Do contact them if anyone interested. They do help a lot.




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