There have been more killings in England and around the world recently centred around Sharia Law and they are still being called 'honour' killings.  One earlier this year ended up with an innocent couple being killed because the murderers got the wrong house!

Can we please find a different name for it.  I would suggest vanity killings or ego killings.

We have stopped using phrases like 'happy slapping' and 'joy riders' because language is so important.  Let's do the same thing for this.

Any suggestions or thoughts?

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I call them dishonorable killings, but your suggestions are also appropriate.
Coming up with an alternative for 'honour' is an excellent idea, Richard. I think this re-branding can be organized into a campaign if done right.

Here's my suggestion: Shame Killings

I think this would be accurate as well as remind those who would murder a daughter/son/niece/cousin etc., simply because they believe their families have been "shamed" that the supposed "shame" will receive wide attention if they go ahead with their highly immoral impulses. Putting psychology to work!

Shame killings is a good one.  I might post the idea to other groups and see if we can't get a movement going.



Richard, I've posted this conversation on our Nirmukta forums and a couple of us are interested in taking this up

What do you think? Perhaps we can start a facebook page petitioning atheist blogs and the mainstream media to begin referring to these killings as "shame killings"!

This is fantastic Ajita,


I have signed up on facebook and I will let everyone know.  I hope this keeps going to the international level.


Well done.

Thanks to you, Richard. It was your idea that lit the spark.

BTW, I wanted to make you admin of the page on facebook, but we must be friends on FB first. I tried typing into the box and only those on my friends list pop up. Anyway, I sent you a friend request. Ignore it if you're not interested in being admin of the page.

The thing that's needed to propel something like this to the international level is one mention by PZ Myers or Rebecca Watson or... Dawkins!

Cool.  I feel important!!!!  And scared!!!!;)


I have accepted you as a friend (would have done anyway) and await further instructions.  I know someone who knows Professor AC Grayling and a few people from the British Humanist Association.  I will see if we can't get them involved.  Must keep the numbers coming in.


Speak soon.



Excellent! I've made you admin. Will follow up with you via private messages on facebook, until we have something solid to be announced.


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