One of the famous atheist Kamal Hasan ,said: "Religion should be treated as
personal as sex. People should consider the question 'What religion do you
follow?' as awkward as 'How well did you fuck your wife last night?' "

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Where can we read more about this Kamal Hasan?
It follows that religious rituals should be like sex- done in privacy! But even those most opposed to pornography dont mind showing off their religious rituals in full public view! As long as these exist debates about religion should be going on in public.
Again, a question about Kamal Hasan- Is he famous as an atheist or is he an atheist who is famous?
a question about Kamal Hasan

Answer you can find here :-

Kamal Haasan, despite being born into a Hindu Brahmin family, has declared himself as an atheist; with his roles in Anbe Sivam and Dasavathaaram, both co-written by Kamal Haasan, featuring anti-theistical views. Kamal Haasan, has also been mistaken for a Muslim due to the Islamic nature of his surname, and was famously stopped for his name at Toronto Airport in 2002.
I know about him but what I meant was- is he working for movement or to propagate this thought? If you look at his movies e.g. Dashavatharam, he mentions in one place that if there was no god there is the need to invent one. But, the whole movie is about a Vaishnavite- Shaivite conflict! Since the protagonist is a Vaishnavite does that make him one? If the movie about atheistic leanings makes him one, then the one about Vaishnavism should make him that too, particularly when the protagonist is shown taking rebirth!
Brilliant. Also when people come to know that i'm an atheist. They say 'i will pray for you'!
I hate that shit. Its like saying. "I will masturbate to you". You don't really have to say it. You can do it if you want.




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