Here's an interesting exercise in practicing your bullshit radar. According to skeptics like James Randi, rational people like us are easy to fool with simple misdirection tricks. Can you identify what trick Sai Baba uses in this video? I think we can prove Randi wrong here.

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Haha, I hadn't thought about the symbolism involved in regurgitating a lingam! I did notice that the object he regurgitates was smaller than the egg he waves around.
Such a fake! I live in singapore and there seem to be a lot of Sai Baba devotees here....
Dear Friends these are tricks only ,Why baba cant create big pumpkin.brcause he cant hide it while tricking.he can play only tricks .magician p c sarkar having more tricks .but he is honest with his profession.He can vanish tajmahal .If baba having spritual power could he stop suanami.
Why he establish hospitals to use medical science.
Just to get closure on the question of how Sai Baba pulls off the trick, watch his hands closely the first time he wipes his face with the white towel (I mean, in the video that I posted). In that video, he definitely spits out the egg, unlike in the above video where he only pretends to spit it out. In the first video he actually puts the egg in his mouth while wiping his face with the towel, and then does the whole throwing-up act.

He uses different misdirections on different occasions.



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