Since Narendra Nayak brought this subject up already in another discussion, I thought I will post his original article here and stimulate some discussion on the subject.

So, what are your thoughts about the future of rationalism in India. Do you agree with Prof. Nayak's views about the youth in India? How can we solve these problems?

Specific strategy suggestions are welcome.

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Looked nice.
Hi Ajita

I will respond to this and wanted to let you know that I'm reading the article but would like to give it the thought that it's due.

Thanks for posting this and starting this very interesting discussion.
Trance (and others), we have just posted about an astrology challenge by Mr. Nayak that has been accepted by a popular astrologer in Bangalore. This will be exciting stuff to follow. Please check here for details. Also, you may simply google Astrologer Bhaskar Shetty and ours is the first hit (Thank goodness for wordpress SEO!).
Thanks Ajita.

I just did a quick scan of the article.

I must say that I'm very impressed with Mr. Nayak and the work that he is doing.

Given what I know of the Indian mindset (my knowledge is based on a Western understanding) it does seem to me that the work he is doing is quite important and very targeted to hitting at the core of superstitious beliefs in a very effective way.

I'll be following this with interest :-)
I think that they should have more debates in India too that are telecasted on TV and more comedians doing stand up comedy with religion and asking thought provoking questions. I don't see any of that happening in India currently. Once it starts happening I think a lot of people will start questioning their beliefs.
The developments look interesting for the challenge. I have fixed 14th January as the date and have agreed to have that Bangalore itself. Since Shetty says he does not want the money(probably he scared that he will lose his deposit) because if some one wants the money they will have to deposit an amount of Rs.5000 which will be forfeited if they fail. If they succeed it will be returned along with the prize money. Since Shetty knows that he is a quack and is going to lose, he has made a 'grand' gesture that he does not need my money.




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