I launched my website www.IndianHumanist.Org a couple of days back.
I would like to use this as a repository of Information related to the progress of Humanism in India.
It will have info and links about the various organizations and people connencted with the Humanist Movement.
It will also have links to books, articles, events related to the Humanist activity in India.
Hope this will play the small part that is needed to serve the cause of making India a leading Humanist Country.
I solicit feeback and suggestions for improvement from the other Humanists.
Keep checking the website for further developments.

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Bala, still a lot needs to be desired. CSS, especially, needs to rewritten.
Hi, Raj, you know I am an amateur at web design.
I know only basic html.. and that too not well enough.

I do not know about CSS... so.. I may need help from those who can provide some tips and suggestions for improvement.
you get lot material on CSS. Google it. Let this not be a technical discussion. :-)
I made a few improvements on the site in terms of its looks. Check out and see whether it looks better now.....
Yes, this looks much better Bala. \


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