Or just freethinking in general.

I've become quite the fan of Psyclon 9 lately (and they're coming to my town in September). Velvet Acid Christ and Nine Inch Nails have a few good tracks too. Marilyn Manson portrays himself to be the anti-christ however a lot of his lyrics are just anti-religion in general (not that I'd consider him all that industrial really).

Anyone out there know of any other artists like these? I'm a DJ and always looking for good stuff to play that promotes reason.

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Hmmm, promoting atheism or freethought. Most gothic or industrial bands like the darker side of Christianity, but I wouldn't call that promoting freethought. I think bands like Reaper, Feindflug, Panzer AG and FGFC820 might have some material though.
Well, let's see... there is of course the old school guys still kicking it out...

Ministry (Rio Grande Blood, is excellent!) and Skinny Puppy. Both bands have very dark and very long roots into the Industrial vein. I'm going to have to go on a hunt through my mp3 database and see what else fits the parameters.

Add Mussolini Headkick's "Your God Is Dead" and Foetus' "Take It Outside, Godboy" to your list.


And a lot of Gary Numan's more recent "industrial metal" stuff.


I suspect more Industrial bands are atheist, agnostic, or just in the "who cares?" camp than are Goth bands, who really are more into the whole inverted Christianity thing. 


I sure you know about SITD?  They actually say "to hell with jesus christ:, in the song Laughingstock

Where were you, God?
As they ran amok...
Bloody gunshot crime
Death at Columbine

Where were you, God?
As they ran amok...
To hell with Jesus Christ
Death needs no compromise

They came to kill
They came to thrill
They came to burn
They came to yearn...

They were playing god
Phantoms of amok

They came to kill
Lyrics www.allthelyrics.com/lyrics/sitd/
They came to thrill
They came to burn
They came to yearn...
For a place in hell

Assemblage 23 "Tried"


And also "god is a strangely absent father"  Also by Assemblage 23


Some of the tracks on https://stigmath.bandcamp.com/album/nec-deus-nec-dominus-2 would prolly qualify as industrial, or at least DnB & electronic. You can begin with Industrial Faith and Nec Dominus, but all are worth a listen imo. Happy holidays & New Year to anyone venturing on this thread ^^


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