I was wondering what bands you are planning to see in concert. VNV Nation is coming in Feb. I plan to see them. I saw them last time they came to Austin - they were great. Anyone else?

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VNV Nation is coming to an Austin Industrial/Goth club -- I hope to see them.

I love going up to Austin to see bands. We do it when we can, though my tastes are more reggae. We hope to go and see Rebolution and The Green in April. We usually go to Stubbs. I love the outdoor/bar atmosphere. I did once go to Red 7 and I must say it is the divey-ist bar I have ever been in. There were only 3 stools left at the bar to sit in! Unfortunately they only sell domestic beer, which I don't like so my next option was JD's and coke. I hadn't had anything to drink in quite sometime and needless to say I got plastered and I barely remember seeing the band I went to see. But good time had by all.

I haven't been to many other venues in Austin but would love to get up there a lot more. It is a beautiful city and the people are young and cool, kind of like it doesn't belong in Texas! (you might like this: ATX). We have always called it Gotham City because of that big gotham-looking glassy building downtown.

Sorry, off topic from your music but: Austin Rocks!




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