I plan on moving quite a bit of material over to youtube. I'm wondering what you all think are some of the best shows that infidelguy.com has produced.

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My favorite so far has to be the interview with Tim Phelps. It was like a train wreck. I couldn't believe what I was hearing but I just couldn't turn it off.

I love all of the old Bible Geek episodes as well, and any episodes with Massimo Pigliucci are must listens as well.
Dr Stephen Barrett and "quack science". I have heard many shows since that one that are fantastic...for some reason the Barrett show sticks in my mind! :-)
Hovind vs. IG listeners - 2 hours of Kent getting slammed and not realizing it. So classic, so priceless....
I say the best one was with that sexy guy Brother Richard.

And pay no attention to the man behind this comment.




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