This one is proof the nonsense can be deterministic ... and that design can be intelligent and utterly useless. Perhaps that is the definition of a great deal of art.

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Although I hear what you're saying .... Would this have been done without the (at least possible) plans to use it for the video? Entertainment -- even eye-candy -- is a use.
I agree - I didn't say it had no value - I said it was nonsense. I happen to enjoy a great deal of nonsense - within the context of nonsense.
But you did say "utterly useless" ...
Ah - I was using the term 'use' as in - solving a problem, producing work, etc. I suppose 'increasing enjoyment' is a type of use. I think it rises above utility. Useful things are valuable because they provide us with the free time to do useless things. I'm pretty sure the best things in life are utterly useless, totally temporary, and entirely too expensive.

If I can remember crank phones, ice boxes, wood stoves, chickens in the hen house, what will my great-grandchildren experience when they are 77 years old? 

Good luck to him in overhauling the Health Care System.  Then he needs to start on the Education System.


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