Are INTJs predisposed to playing certain roles in the work environment? I read People Styles at Work and came out being Analytical with secondary Driver characteristics. What about you?
If your not familiar with this you can check it out here:

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Hi there,

I never heard about this so I had to read the document. I'm a 20 year old college student. I fit into the Analytical category and then into Amiable one. With respect to your question, I do think that INTJs are predisposed to playing certain roles in the work environment. Given that we have a determined set of tools, habits, interests, ways to perceive information and process it different than others , we certainly should be handed a task that fits those INTJ traits so that we can optimize hour performance. Whatever task we are handed that fits our traits, should be called 'our roll'. For instance a 'researcher', a 'strategist', an 'organizer', an 'supervisor, etc. I'd be interesting to get some feedback on my answer. Good question.
I don't know about everyone else but I really don't think I would make a good supervisor. I am very task oriented and work well on my own. Unfortunately it seems that the way to move up in most jobs is to supervise people. I wish there were more opportunities for advancement from technical merit.



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