In Movies or Books or TV or Real life?
For me it was:

Person __________________type
Mr. Spock________________INTp ( probably this one is one of the most for me )
Sherlock Holmes _________INTj
Ben Obi-Wan Kenobi ______INTp
Brian Griffin ______________INTp ( from the Family Guy)
No.6 ____________________ENTj ( from The Prisoner (Patrick McGoohan) , probably because of his NT, and I think he was a 'p' type but; ENTp's are supposed to be well suited to be spies so that does make sense. I also identify because I think I think of 'the Village' as a metaphor for 'religion'. )

Gandalf the Gray _________INTx ( because some people think he is INTj and others think INTp )
Howard Roark ____________INTp ( Some a few might say he is INTj from Ayn Rand’s novel The Fountainhead )

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I have to admit I've never really looked up to anyone I mean, there are people that you can learn from, but nobody's perfect. Out of the list you provided, I suppose I'd say I like Spock the best (though Picard much > Spock).

Not on the list, I'd say either Nietzsche or Mana-san from Malice Mizer, though I have no idea whether or not they're INTP.
Don't hold this against me, but the most interesting person I've heard tossed out there as a probable INTP is Adolf Hitler.

- The man was a fantastic public speaker. Something I wished as a child I could be and found some talent in when I started working as a tour guide.

- A mediocre artist but who got crazy-obsessed with his art. I can relate to the crazy-obsession and losing myself in it or attempting at least to use it as an outlet.

- Wanted to better the world. Albeit, I'd like to think I don't share his homophobe, race-phobe, culture-phobe, pick-on-the-weaker-kids, evil-overlord elements.

I do however think this world is seriously effed-up and I would make a fantastic Empress of Everything.

When I was a kid, Einstein was one of my favorite people, and still is. That's not to say I share his genius. 


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