I ask this because I've never had any kind of dream career like most people I know. Maybe it's just me, but do any other INTPs have the same issue? I suppose I wouldn't mind writing or doing music for a career (assuming I could earn an actual income off of it), but that's more of a job-with-great-benefits than a dream job.

I know that systems design and architecture are usually recommended, but I have absolutely no interest in those fields.

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I don't see why an INTP can't do well in writing or music. As long as the job provides freedom for them to explore and experience, they'll be satisfied.
I am on the same page as you are Aaron. I changed majors while studying, and quitted "unfitting" jobs.

On this side below, there is a very accurate description of the personality type and some career choices. It didn't help me though, the one that resonated more with me was "slacker" hahha.


I'm probably going to be moving towards Sociology in the near future, hope it goes well.

Hope it goes well for you too man, let me know if you find out something else.

Cheers man.

Marco Acero
I find my archetype has less to do with which fields I should be in, and more to do with how I best fit into those fields. Especially as other factors (in my case, Autism) can trump the archetype niche.

One example; I'm a strong Introvert. As in I'm usually 100% Introvert according to the test. Yet I've found my niche in tour guiding, a field that seems like we Introverts would be allergic to.

It's how I operate as a tour guide. They say there are two kinds of personalities in the field; teachers and actors. I think Extroverts would be the actors; projecting themselves and their personalities out to the audience. "Hey! Let me virtually jump into the back row and sit on your lap and get in your face and entertain you!"

While as an Introvert, I'm definitely a teacher personality, inviting the audience into my world rather than jumping out into theirs. "Hey, come on this walk with me, let me show you some of the nifty things along the trail, and hopefully I'm saying it in a fun, accessible, entertaining sort of way."

If that kind of makes sense. ;-)

Whatever you do, my advice is that it be something you enjoy. I'd rather make crap pay doing something I love than make the big bucks and be miserable. I've learned I can be quite happy living cheaply and simply, and it gives me more leeway to do what I want, when I want.
Hey Jerome, I love the attitude. Definitely doing your thing is the way to go.

Sucks that the highest paying jobs today are other-than-INTP oriented though.

That might be the reason why I'm inclined towards a resource based economy.


It does indeed make sense.  I am not a teacher, but as part of my job, I occasionally lecture to groups of students or similar audiences.  As an introvert, I don't really "connect" with the audience, but instead focus on understanding the material, on explaining it clearly, on maintaining a lucid narrative where I summarize the points before proceeding to the next concept.  It's like having a conversation with a mirror image of my own self.  This type of "teaching" can be very rewarding, even for an introvert, and especially for an NT type.  Why?  Because NTs value competency, and giving a lucid lecture reinforces our self-conception of being competent.

I've been in this same predicament for a long time. I'm 22 and still haven't started college because I'm so indecisive. Nothing sticks out. But there are enough things in this world I enjoy quite a bit, and enjoyment is what I need to get anything done. The best advice I could give is to not tether yourself onto anything very strongly, at least not right away.


I've finally decided to study biology next year because I can easily narrow down my specialty after a couple of years without an extreme change in school work. With that course of study I can choose from a good variety of careers and I'll still be able to include other things I enjoy with my work such as writing, educating, being outdoors (depending on the specific job), and benefiting the environment. Basically, I'll need variety and meaning in the career I choose as well as the option to change my mind. But deciding on this was still very difficult.


If you're very indecisive, maybe it's a good idea to start with something you're content with that doesn't require a huge investment of your money or time. Your good and bad experiences will help define what you really want/need. It might help you save more time than if you waited for something to "hit you" instead.


I often feel like I've wasted a lot of time. I wish I was a bit more J than P at times... Okay, maybe more than a bit.


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