Where are all the INTp's (Wizards and Architects) we are are known for being Atheist or Agnostic? Are we just to Introverted? I see the INTj ( Free-Thinkers and Masterminds) have a lot more members (26 I just looked). Or is it something else?

Becky Garcia and I are the only ones who have posted. So how about some introductions. I will start...

I have always been an introvert, but lately I try to force my self to not be to much of an introvert, because I don't think its to healthy.

NT I have I think always been that too even as far back as I can remember I was deep in thought. So when at about the age of 7 or so when I was introduced to Christianity I really questioned every thing about it mostly to my self.

And I think I have always been a P subtype too. Even at a young and remembering how I thought.

I have taken many such tests and always come up as a Thinker, Mechanical, Logical and Introverted. May of the test started when I was in kindergarten I was not doing so well in kindergarten and was living in my own world. They thought something was wrong. But I just was not giving the teacher the answers she expected the answers were not wrong.

Tell us something about if you always were INTP or it developet over time. And how you found out you were INTP.

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I'm mildly Introverted with strong NTP. I found this out when taking Psychology 101 in my college. The result explained many things I couldn't understand about myself. I feel thankful to my prof until today. :)

Like you too Libertino, people thought something was wrong with me when I was a kid. I'm a quiet person, I observe & prefer to process information inward. Quite often I surprise people with my thoughts because they don't expect me to come up with ideas, let alone smart ones.

As as kid, I loved doing many things probably because I love the learning process. I could play with anyone because I had many interests. My favorite, though, was legos. I also like drawing and problem solving (until now). So, I don't think I changed much. ;)
Like Sri, I remember everyone thought something was wrong with me, too - stumbling on Meyers-Briggs' and Keirsey's books as a teen made a huge difference to me.

Over the past few years, I've been developing my auxiliaries and can easily score as an INFJ if I like, but I still think of myself as INTP since that's where I started.




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