A few Muslims on a mission turned at the World Atheist Convention. They were spreading the "truth" about Islam. Ya gotta watch them Muslims though......


From the Atheist Ireland website discussing the Muslim attendance at the conference:

Quote funkyderek:While I know it’s acceptable for Muslims to lie to unbelievers in order to further their cause it’s pretty stupid not to make up a new username.


Dubliner magazine (14 July 2011 page 20) interview with the chairman of Atheist Ireland where he tells downright lies.

Quote: “We [atheists] are open to evidence and what there is to reality in reality. At our world conference in Dublin we even invited an Islamic research group to attend our weekend gathering. They were outside the main hall with a stall selling their message and debating with us. We made them very welcome.”


And from the leader of the Muslims in question:


From: Hamza Andreas Tzortzis
Sent: Jul 26, 2011 05:34:00 AM

Dear xxxxxx


We were not invited.

When we purchased the tickets they emailed our organisation clarifying the purpose of the convention and claimed that we were the only religious group to attend.
Some of them did make us feel welcome, mainly the organisers, however some of the attendees (a minority) gave us abuse and swore at us, all of which is recorded and will be published in a forthcoming documentary during the month of August

I hope this clarifies the situation


The Muslim group in question were not invited to the World Atheist Convention and the chairman of Atheist Ireland is just lying to make his organisation look good....just like a Muslim according to some members of Atheist Ireland.


It seems where religion ends Irish atheist organisations begin……join now, leave your principals at the front door!

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