Oh No it's December 2010 already.

How time flies.

Where is the referendum brought about by.....the..er.."incredibly sophisticated internet campaign".....brought to you none other than Atheist Ireland? This is the organisation which was claiming to have struck a blow for free speech by having such a devestatating effect on the Minister for Justice he was going to hold a referendum in the Autum. 

Dermot Ahern, the government minister responsible for the Blasphemy Law has just announced his retirement with a big fat pension and matching lump sum. 

The vast majority of people in the country don't give a crap about the Blasphemy Law and the opposition don't even consider it worthy of mention.

If it was designed as distraction bait the intended gaping mouths swallowed it wholesale. 

Bar a dwindling little puddle of people everyone's forgotten all about the whole thing.

Some Irish Roman Catholics may just be a lot smarter than some Irish Catholic Atheists.


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