This was a truly epic undertaking. Thank you, great show.

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Hey guys, great show. He just says such an incredibly large volume of bullshit (in this and in his video things) that it's time consuming to go through it all and research where each point is wrong/stupid/misinformed/an outright lie.

So thanks for doing some of the work on this one.

Went to Pharyngula, but the dissertation's not up there now - just wondering if you guys have it, if I'd be able to grab an email copy from you?

If that's cool, email address is

Thanks you two. keep up the good work.
I got a copy at WikiLeaks, but I've attached a copy here.
I made my boyfriend listen to all three of the dissertation episodes. He couldn't stop laughing. When he heard some of Leighton's jokes, he gave me some serious side-eye and asked me why the hell I listen to this was hard to take him seriously when he couldn't stop laughing at everything (the inappropriate jokes, the dissertation, all of it) while demanding to know.




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